• SEHS Physical Science


    Gayle Ergle: gergle@effingham.k12.ga.us

    SEHS Phone #: 728-7511


    Rules for Success

    *All school handbook rules apply in the classroom.

    *Be on time to class

    *Place your cell phone in the cell phone caddy

    *Begin the bell ringer as soon as you are seated

    *Stay seated unless otherwise directed

    *No food, drink (water is an exception), or gum is permitted in the classroom.

    *Bring all supplies to class with you daily.  Due to Covid-19, supplies will not be shared during class.  In order to provide labs, students must wear masks and gloves.  We will have to social distance during labs, which will also make for a challenging teaching strategy. 


    1. notebook                         
    2. paper                            
    3. pen/pencil 
    4. highlighters
    5. colored pencils 
    6. pencil sharpener
    7. calculator 
    8. chromebook/laptop
    9. mask (lab participation)
    10. nitrila gloves (lab participation)                  

    *Respect for your peers and teacher is required.  Rude or abusive comments are not acceptable and will be dealt with immediately.  Placing your head on your desk is a form of disrespect.



    1. Summative Assessments (tests/projects)                                        60%
    2. Formative  Assessments (classwork, quizzes, labs, homework)          40%


    Grade Calculations

    1. First Semester Average            40%
    2. Second Semester Average        40%
    3. Georgia End of Course Test       20%



    Make-Up Work

    *All students will follow the guidelines set by SEHS for make-up work from absences.  The guidelines are posted on the bulletin board in my classroom.


    *If you miss a lab while you are out, you must write a one-page paper over the topic presented in the lab.  A works cited page is required when you hand in your paper.  The lab will remain a zero in the grade book until the paper is written.



    I am available for tutoring during instructional focus (IF) or by appointment.  I can tutor in the mornings beginning at 7:45.



    *A notebook with dividers is recommended for this class.  You should keep your homework, handouts, quizzes, labs, and notes until the end of the nine weeks. A Common Interium Assessment (CIA) will be given each nine weeks over all the content covered during that time frame.

    *Note taking is NOT an option.  Taking notes is a proven way to learn new information easier and faster. You may not take a picture of the notes using an electronic device.  Disciplinary action will occur if notes are not taken.



    *1ST Offense:  warning, conference with the student

    *2nd Offense:  conference with the student, phone call home

    *3rd Offense:  detention with me, phone call home

    *4th Offense:  office referral, phone call home


    I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to teach your child this year.  Please be patient as we all work diligently to keep your student safe!  Unless I am lecturing, I will be wearing a mask at all times.  Your student has a choice of wearing a mask and I will respect your decision.  

    Please sign below that you have received and understood the rules and guidelines of Mrs. Ergle’s  Physical Science class.  Detach at the dotted line and turn in this portion by Friday Aug. 14, 2020

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Last Modified on August 3, 2020