• Capstone Project:
     Portfolio (Due February 3rd, 2017): 
    You will  have to have each of the following items in your portfolio.  Links have been provided where appropriate.
    1. Title / Cover page (Template)
    2. Table of Contents (Template)
    3. Letter of Introduction / Work Philosophy / Goals (Template)
    4. Cover Letter (Template)
    5. Resume (Template)
    6. Clean Copy of Research Paper (Print out a clean copy of your paper)
    7. Mentor Log (Just use the one you turned in.  They will be given back to you as soon as a grade is recorded.)
    8. Photograph of student with the Mentor. (You can use two separate pictures, one of you and one of your mentor if you can't physically meet with your mentor)
    9. Thank you Note to Mentor (Template)
    10. The following are optional: Supplemental Items including pictures, letters, plans, receipts, etc... 

     Research Paper:
    • The research paper is due no later than Wednesday, December 14th.  
    • Rough Draft due Friday, November 4th (can be handwritten). 
    • The paper should be 2-5 pages in length not including your Works Cited page.  I have included a sample paper here for you to use as a template (You can upload the entire document or open the file and cut and paste it to your google docs.  Please read over this sample paper as it includes useful information for structuring your paper. 
    • You can use the following link to help you format your citations (you need a minimum of three citations).
    • Please make certain your paper focuses on the topic which you submitted in class. 
    • There are additional Capstone Packets in the Art Room which include all of the grading rubrics for this project. 
    • All work on this paper including research and typing of the paper must be done at home or on students personal time at school (before school, after school, during lunch, etc..)  You should work in Google Docs or any other digital format that you can access at school and from home (Google Docs would be best).  I will be happy to review your paper and answer questions if you see me before school, after school or you can also email me (cowens@effingham.k12.ga.us).  I will allow you to miss class ONE time to go to the library and print your paper or you can print at home (recommended).  You should not wait until the last minute to print, instead you should have a final version printed by Friday, December 9th 

Last Modified on January 23, 2017