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    Welcome to the incredible world of drama! Whether you are an actor, designer, stage manager, or builder, you will definitely find a home with us. In this club, students are able to explore many facets of theater, including acting, devising, designing, and marketing. Club members will also have conversations about published plays and musicals, and will have access to audition and performance workshops.
    If you are interested in theater but have never participated before, Drama Club is a great place to start. We are a judgment-free zone that fosters creativity and encourages students to take artistic risks. If you have always wanted to be in theater but have never taken that leap, here is your sign to join! 
    Please read the following if you are interested in joining our club and/or participating in our shows: 
    While we strive to get as many students involved in our shows as possible, the only students that we can cast are ones that are allowed to stay after school and have reliable transportation. All students participating in the shows are expected to attend all rehearsals unless told otherwise. If a student misses more than three rehearsals, they may be asked to leave the show, and it will negatively impact their chances of getting cast again. Additionally, while there will be at least one Drama Club performance each year, being a club member does not guarantee you a role in One Act Plays, Spring Musicals, etc. 
    To join Drama Club, please see Mr. Elton for an application and deposit it in the folder outside his room.  There is a $15.00 club fee that is used to purchase perusal scripts, costumes, and other materials.  All Drama Club members receive discounted tickets to school productions.
Last Modified on July 30, 2022