• Greetings from First Grade!

    Mrs. Laura & Mrs. Lynn Mrs. Lynn
    I consider myself lucky because I have called South Effingham Elementary home since 1987!  I started off my teaching career in third grade but after nine years, I jumped the tracks and made my way to the first grade train. I graduated from Tift College of Mercer University and obtained a masters degree from Armstrong Atlantic University.  I also have a seminary degree with a concentration in Christian Education from Covington Seminary.  First Grade is an EXCITING place to be!  I am so AMAZED at how children learn and blossom in first grade.  As if building a house, I get to see the two by fours go up on the foundation that they learned in Kindergarten!  As the year goes by, I begin to see insulation, windows, doors and sometimes a room.  I am so blessed to be in the classroom and see so much learning!
    Mrs. Laura
    I joined the SEE staff in 2017 and enjoy the children every second of the day!  They inspire me and make me laugh, think, and reflect!  First Grade is the place to be!