• Homework  



    Please check your student's Reading Recovery bag nightly for assignments.  Every night, including Fridays, your student will have two "familiar" books that should be read with an adult.  These are books that your student has read at least twice during lessons. The rereading of familiar stories is important to the development of reading fluency which impacts reading comprehension.
    **It is vitally important that you sit with your child and view the text as they read it. Unless you are viewing the text with them, you have no way of knowing if your child is making errors that may sound right while you are making dinner, washing dishes, cleaning, etc.
    The student will also have an envelope containing a cut up sentence strip.  The student should assemble this sentence strip correctly and read it back to the adult working with them.
    ***Please sign your chlid's reading log nightly!!!



Last Modified on July 30, 2021