• Gifted Education Grading Policy

     The elementary gifted resource program is an academic program.  The curriculum both extends and enriches the standards of the general education curriculum.  GT students will be receiving grades this year.  Each GT student will receive a numeric grade on his/her regular school report card replacing a separate GT report card that was used in the past. Satisfactory is an 80 or higher.  Unsatisfactory is a grade below 80.  Student progress is reviewed each semester and a determination of continuation of gifted services is made annually. Satisfactory performance must be maintained in gifted education classes to continue receiving services. A grade below 80 for a marking period is considered unsatisfactory in a class where the student is receiving gifted services, and therefore the student will be placed on probation in accordance with the probation policy.  Parents will have access to student GT grades through the Parent Portal.


    A positive grading policy will be utilized in our GT classroom.  This will help motivate students to take seriously the work in the GT program and allow them to be willing to attempt challenging assignments.  The grades the GT students make will be a fair reflection of student performance in class.


    Assignment Types


    Class Work-  daily assignments which may include daily problem solving, individual unit research assignments, logic reasoning assignments,STEM activities, current event assignments, P.E.T.S. program, chess reviews, Spanish or Latin assignments, etc.



    Participation- class discussions, group work, completion of assignments, contracts, GT book grids, etc.



    Nine weeks progress reports will not be sent home.

Last Modified on July 29, 2019