Multiplication Time

    Last year as third graders, you learned multiplication facts throughout the months of August thru December. This year, we are going to refine those skills and increase your knowledge of them. So, each night, you should be practicing the basic multiplication facts. 
    It is imperative for the students to know the multiplications facts.   As the year goes on, there will be multiplication tests to show how well you know your facts. 


    • Please take about 5 minutes each night and practice the weekly multiplication table with your child. 
      Each Friday, the students will take a 3 minute time drill over the various multiplication facts. Each week, their number of correct facts will be charted on a classroom chart. The goal for each student is to make it into the Multiplication Masters Ring. They do this by improving their knowledge of their multiplication facts within 3 minutes. They have the ability to move up each week into the different correct facts category. The ultimate goal is to have all the students in the Multiplication Masters Ring by the end of the school year. When the students reach the Multiplication Masters Ring, they will have earned a secret prize.

      The students can practice their multiplication facts at home using the website https://multiplication.com

    • Students can play any of the mutliplication games under the flash cards section.
    • Student also have a username and log in for Reflex math. Reflex math is a free online program for the students to use to practice their math fact fluency.They are to play until they get a green light in the upper right hand corner. We play this in class, but it is also encouraged for them to play at home as well. Having fluency in multiplication facts will help them with multiplication and long division. 
Last Modified on November 13, 2017