• Frequently Asked Questions
    May I eat lunch with my child?
    Yes, you may eat lunch with your child.  Please call the office before 8am to reserve a seat for the day you wish to attend or you may write me a note.  We have many children to feed and only have space for 10 visitors per day for the whole school available.
    When does my child go to lunch?.
    This year my class goes to lunch from 11:23-11:53
    What if my child needs to go home a different way?
    If you need to change the way of transportation for your child, please send a note.  The office requires a copy of all changes.  I can not send a child home by his or her statement. It must be in writing from the parent or a direct call to the office.
    May I send in birthday invitations?
    You may send in birthday invitations as long as you send one in for every child in the classroom.
    May I send in cupcakes/cookies for my child's birthday?
    Yes, you may send in cupcakes/cookies.  Please notify the teacher of the date you would like to send cupcakes or cookies.  This will eliminate the chance of two treats arriving on the same day or conflict with previously made teacher plans. The treats will  be passed out during lunchtime. 
    When do we have class parties?
    We have two parties each year: Christmas and Easter.  Goody bags are sent home for Halloween and Valentine's Day.  We will pass out Valentine cards at the end of the day for the children to take home.