• Chorus Contract of Participation

    Chorus is a privilege as well as an extra-curricular activity. In order to be successful it is important for all students to be able to attend all in-school rehearsals (unless they are not in school that day). Below are some attendance/tardy rules:

    1. Teachers may keep students from chorus to complete class work/ homework.
    2. Classroom teachers and music teacher can keep students from chorus because of behavior.
    3. Chorus starts at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday for 5th graders and Wednesday and Thursday for 4th graders. Tardies will be excused for fitness club participants on Wednesday and late buses. Breakfast goers will get a fast pass on chorus days and will be excused up until 7:45. Tardies will be unexcused for late car riders and bus riders who arrive on campus on time and don’t go to breakfast or fitness club.
    4. Absences will be excused/unexcused following the same attendance rules as stated in the Marlow handbook. Students kept from chorus due to behavior and/or refusal to do homework/class work will be unexcused.
    5. If your child is in I-pass they will NOT attend chorus on Wednesday and that WILL be excused. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me.
    6. Students will be removed from chorus after two misses due to behavior and three misses due to homework/class work.
    7. Students will attend ALL in-school rehearsals unless their teacher keeps them from chorus.


Last Modified on September 8, 2011