6th - 8th Grade ELA

    Mrs. Crosby's ELA Class 
    6th - 8th Grade Read 180: 
    Read 180 is a reading program designed to help students build their reading comprehension and fluency skills.  The class is divided into daily rotations.  Rotations include: whole group, small group, student application, and independent reading. 
    Homework this year will be given on Monday and will be due on Friday. The homework, if done daily, should take less than 15 minutes per night.  Aside from weekly homework, students will also be responsible for completing 2 Evidence of Reading sheets per nine weeks.  Deadlines will be updated each nine weeks.
    August 26th
    6th grade - Summarizing - Read "Caring for Your Pet Scorpion" and complete the chart to summarize the story.
    7th and 8th grade - Analyzing Theme- Read the story "Prepared for the Big Day" and complete the chart to determine the theme.
     Reading Rocks Due Dates
    1st deadline - August 30
    2nd deadline - October 04