• Grading Policy 

    Assessments and Projects - 50 %

    Classwork and Quizzes - 40 %

    Homework - 10%

    All assignments given during class are expected to be completed during class. Students will be provided ample time to complete all graded assignments.  If your student does not use their time wisely, they will be expected to complete thier work at home, if applicable. Students are also expected to give their best effort on all work, and discuss with me if they need additional support or clarification than what is being provided.
    Homework is assigned to allow students to have additional practice with the skills they are working on in class. Math procedures and rules become more engrained in a student's brain the more they are used. Students should have no more than 10 problems for homework, and it should not take the average student more than about fifteen minutes. If a student's homework is consistently taking longer than fifteen minutes, please have them talk to me so we can figure out a plan.