• Department of Exceptional Student Services
    Preschool Intervention Program (PSI)
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    What is the Preschool Intervention (PSI) program?


    The Preschool Intervention program is a free service of the public school system.  This program is designed to serve three, four, and five year old children who have special education needs.  Preschool Intervention makes the early years special through learning experiences that help improve communication, motor, cognitive, social, and self-help skills.


    All children are served in the least restrictive environment based on each individual’s needs.



    Preschool Intervention program services include:


    • Assistive technology evaluation, services and devices.
    • Individual Education Plans developed for each child in order to meet specific needs.
    • Parent education and support that provides parenting techniques and current information on child development and special education.
    • Developmental, educational, speech-language, and psychological testing services.
    • Occupational and physical therapy, and speech therapy when applicable.
    • Preschool Intervention specialists who are trained to teach Early Childhood Education and Special Education.


    For more information, please contact Dr. Lindsay Blakey.