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    Why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out?!  
    Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Lamb will continue to implement the "WhyTry" Program for Classroom Guidance!  Once a month we visit your child's classroom and present information to help students with daily challenges.  The "WhyTry" Program teaches youth that trying hard in life and putting effort into challenges is worth it!  This proven program consists of ten visual analogies, or pictures, to help show that making good decisions can be difficult, and that doing so results in more opportunity, freedom and self-respect.  Giving up takes those things away.
    We are excited about the school year!  Please contact the counseling office, if you have any questions or concerns.

    Tara Lamb:  Counselor (Works with students with last names beginning with A-K)        

    Karen Thomas:  Counselor (Works with students with last names beginning with L-Z)           

    What is bullying?
    Bullying is disrespectful conduct intended to make another person feel afraid, embarrassed, and/or upset.
    There are three things to look for:
    Bullying is intentional and aggressive. It is not an accident, but a conscious choice to mistreat someone.
    Bullying is repeated. It is not a onetime event, but something that happens over and over.
    Bullying involves a difference in power. The bully may be older, stronger, bigger, or more popular.  Bullying may also involve a whole group ganging up on one person.

    How is bullying reported at Ebenezer Middle School?

    Anyone can report suspected bullying or mistreatment of another person to any staff member at EMS.  Once the report is made, it will be referred to the Counselors to get as much information as possible about the situation and those involved, including potential witnesses to the alleged mistreatment.  Many times conflicts that occur can be resolved by allowing individuals to talk through their grievances with supervision in the Counselors Office.  When this is not possible, it is immediately referred to administration.  Administration investigates and appropriately intervenes with each report that is made. 

    Communication really is the key.  When a problem arises, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, counselor, or administrator.  We are here to work with you in helping your child develop into a resilient and productive learner for a lifetime. 

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