• Welcome to 1st grade!! We are going to have a great year at Sand Hill Elementary! One of the most essential components to any classroom is the classroom behavior management system. The following guidelines in our classroom will ensure that students get the most learning AND fun out of this year!!


    Classroom Rules and Expectations

    1. I will follow directions the first time.

    2. I will pay attention to my teacher. 

    3. I will focus on the activity that I am working on.

    4. I will use the voice level appropriate for the activity.

    5. I will keep the materials organized and clean up when I am done.

    6. I will keep my hands, feet, and body to myself.

    7. I will be kind to others.


    Our classroom will use the Class Dojo Behavior management system. Students will be able to earn and lose points throughout the day. 


    We will work hard the first few weeks of school to help all students understand our classroom expectations. We will discuss how to follow the expectations, why the expectations are important, and what happens when an expectation is not followed. When the expectations are followed, incentives are given. When a classroom/school-wide rule is repeatedly not followed, the consequences will be as follows:


    1st Offense: Teacher will give verbal warning; re-state expectation/rule

    2nd Offense: Teacher will re-teach expectation/rule; Note will be sent home for parent initial. 

    3rd Offense: Teacher will model the rule and give guided practice; student will complete self-reflection form *Family will be contacted via phone

    4th Offense: Guided practice of the rule; Administrator will talk to student about behavior *Family will be contacted via phone

    5th Offense: Office referral *Family will be contacted

Last Modified on August 3, 2022