• Ebenezer Elementary PTSO
    Ebenezer Eagle Logo
    President-  Scott Morgan
    Vice President- Suzie Burns
    Secretary- Ranie Duncan
    Treasurer- Amber Robinson
     We need your help with the wonderful
    projects planned for this year!
    Mission Statement

    We are dedicated to the enrichment of Ebenezer Elementary School for the benefit of all students.  Our philosophy is:

    • To work in conjunction with the Board of Education, the school administration, and the community; and,

    • To enhance the educational experience of our children through financial support and volunteer service, including but not limited to, programs which benefit the majority of the student body and are not normally provided by the Board of Education.

    Other Programs PTSO Supports

    We continue to support the following list of programs both monetarily and through volunteers at Ebenezer Elementary:  Technology Improvements, Guiding Reading Program, Read Aloud Club, Cultural Arts, School Beautification, Holiday Shoppe, Student Supplies, School Improvement, Student Birthday Celebrations, Red Ribbon Week, Staff Appreciation and many others. 



Last Modified on April 28, 2023