• At Sand Hill we are great students.


    You can expect me to give your child the best education that I can provide. You can also expect me to give you information and news about your child and our class. Expect me to be professional, accessible, and sensitive to occurrences that may arise.

    Students: I expect my students to come to school prepared to work hard and learn. I want you to always put forth your best efforts. I also expect assignments to be turned in on time and with your best work. It is going to be a great year!

    Parents: I expect you to be involved as much as possible with your child's 2nd grade school year. I expect you to review and be familiar with the happenings of your child's classroom. It is with your cooperation that my teaching is a success!


    Students will be asked to follow behavior expectations starting on the first day of school. Our classroom will be a bully free zone! We will treat each other with kindness and respect. The rules and guidelines set by the school system will be enforced at all times for all areas. *See the behavior plan that was sent home for additional details.


    Sand Hill Hornets are also great learners when we STING!

    S- are self-motivated

    T- take time to reflect

    I- are innovative

    N- never give up, we persevere 

    G- are goal setters



Last Modified on July 31, 2022