Here are a few of the many resources available in our new curriculum resource program, Envision by Savvas Realize.  While 7th grade standards have not changed, the Effingham County School district did purchase new resources for students and teachers.  It is not a traditional textbook, but a consumable textbook/workbook combination.  Your student will remove pages from the book and should keep these in his/her notebook until the end of the unit. At that time, notebooks can be cleaned out and work left at home. 



       Bounce Pages

      Bounce Pages is an app you can use on your phone. This pdf shows you where to go on your phone in order to use it. The Bounce App provides instruction and examples to assist your student in their assignment. The pdf will also show you what icon to look for in your textbook that tells you what lessons and examples you can scan to get help for. 


      Savvas Youtube Channel

      This link will take you to the Savvas Youtube Channel where they have created a multitude of video to assist you and your student.

      This resource will help you understand the different aspects and capabilities of Savvas Realize. Anything from where to find assignments to where to look at grades.

Last Modified on August 8, 2021