• Scoliosis screening is required for all students in the 6th and 8th grades who attend public school in Georgia.

    • Scoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine.
    • About 3% of children are affected by scoliosis.
    • It can occur at any age but is often noticeable between the ages of 9 and 16, when growth occurs rapidly.
    • Early detection is important to avoid potentially serious problems later in life if a spinal curve is not recognized, treated, and it continues to progress.
    • The screening test is an observation of the child’s back when standing and bending forward.

    There are options for how the screening can be completed:

    1. Submit a completed Form #4400, (Spanish version) Certificate of Scoliosis screening. Form #4400 can be completed by a physician with an active GA license or person working under the supervision of a physician with an active GA license, the local health department, or licensed school nurse. A completed Form #4400 should be provided to the school within the first 90 days of 6th and 8th grade. 

    2. Children can participate in a school scoliosis screening event. Students without a completed Form #4400 on file more than 90 days after the start of school will be asked to participate in scoliosis screening during a school screening event.

    Parents or guardians can choose to not have their student screened for scoliosis by selecting the opt-out option on Form #4400 or opt-out of the school scoliosis screening event later in the school year.


    Parent Letter (English)

    Parent Letter (Spanish)

Last Modified on July 20, 2021