• Track and Field

    1.      Region member schools will not compete in more than 6 meets. This does not include the region championship.

    2.      All coaches from each school should be prepared to assist in the timing and judging of events if needed by host.

    3.     When judging field events judges should mark the first throw for each participant and then only move the marks when their throws beat their previous attempts.

    4.     A contestant in Track and Field may enter a maximum of both relays, and any one (1) of the combinations listed  below.  Competitors not on one or both relay teams are still restricted to  one of the following combinations: 

              a.   three (3) field events   

              b.   two (2) field events and one (1) running event 

              c.   one (1) field event and two (2) running events

              d.   relay teams for a school may be composed of any eligible student from that school. 

    5.     The 4 x 400 relay will start with a staggered start and the first runner  must stay in lane during the entire lap, the exchange must take place in the exchange zone. The second runner must stay in lane until the BREAK LINE then can merge to the inside lane.  This is way region was run last year.

    6.     The 800 meter run will start with a waterfall start.

    7.   Hurdles distance will be 110m for boys and 100m for girls.  The hurdle height should be 30 inches for both genders.

    8.     Shot puts should weigh 6 pounds for girls and 8 pounds for boys. The discus should weigh 1 kilogram.

    9.      The high jump should start at a height of 4 feet for girls and 4’6” for boys.

    10.     In the triple and long jump if a jumper cannot make it into the pit, then it is a no jump.  If most contestants cannot make it to the pit then the coaches may move up the mark.

    11.     The region track meet should utilize an electronic timing system.  Region Track Meet will be in March at the following sites:

         2020:   Southeast Bulloch

         2021:   William James

         2022:   South Effingham

Last Modified on March 4, 2021