• Add a mobile number

    This prompt is here to make sure everyone receives messages effectively on Remind! We hope everyone opts to use Remind on his or her phone, so we encourage you to add numbers to those who do not yet have their number on Remind. 

    It looks like this: 2018-11-30_14-28-25.png

    The number added will show up in the devices section of your notification preferences tab in account settings. Please reject the number if it is not yours!

    The number is pending until you accept or reject it and does not receive messages until action is taken.


    Note: Always keep your Remind account up-to-date with your most recent contact information, and notify your organization if your phone number and/or email changes. This will ensure you will receive messages intended for you, and will also prevent someone else from gaining access to your account.

Last Modified on November 18, 2020