• Voice calls

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    With voice calls, members of your community can call any phone through Remind, including landlines.

    This article includes the following:

    1. Set up voice calling
    2. Place a voice call
    3. After your voice call

    Set up voice calling

    Before you make a voice call on Remind, you'll need to take the following steps.

    Link your cell phone number to your Remind account. Link your cell phone number to your Remind account. On web, you can do this by navigating to your Notification Preferences from your Account Settings.

    Set office hours. Teachers can only receive calls during office hours. When someone calls outside of office hours, they'll hear an automated recording that states that you are unavailable and they should call again later. They are also prompted to send a message as an alternative. See how to set up office hours here. Though teachers can set office hours, students and parents cannot.

    Record your voicemail on your cell phone. Because Remind voice calls are connected to your cell phone, people may reach your voicemail if you are unavailable during office hours.

    Place a voice call

    From the Calls tab, click on the Make a Call button in the top right corner.

    • You can contact recipients with an available device (blue lightning bolt) if they're accepting voice calls.
    • If recipients don't have an available device or aren't accepting calls, you can send a message or voice clip instead.

    Though you can initiate voice calls from your desktop, laptop, or tablet, voice calls are ultimately connected through your cell phone. Make sure your cell phone is within reach and connected to cell service!

    After your voice call

    Once complete, your voice call duration will be recorded in your conversation with the recipient. It will also appear in your call log and your message history.

    Use call notes to record any call details or follow-ups. You can take notes during or after a call. These notes are also available in your conversation with the recipient.


Last Modified on September 27, 2020