• American Government Syllabus

    Adam. L. Harden

    Effingham County High School, Room 921


    This course is designed to give students an understanding of the origins, functions, and workings of the United States Government. We will explore the nature of citizenship, the meaning of the Constitution, the three branches of government, state and local government, and political parties. The content will be based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

    1. Arrive to class on time and prepared.  This includes having all needed materials including pencils and paper, at the beginning of class.  Additionally, please bring your charged Chromebook every day.  
    2. Show respect to your teacher and fellow students.  Avoid any inappropriate behavior and remarks in the classroom.
    3. You will be using note packets in this class.  Make sure to review and bring to class daily.  These will be periodically checked and graded.
    4. No food or drinks (other than water) are allowed in the classroom.    
    5. Consistent disregard and violation of these rules will result in an office referral.
    6. Students are expected to be familiar with the code of conduct as laid out in the student handbook.   This includes knowing the rules and the standard punishments that are delegated to violators. Be familiar and use the student handbook as a valuable reference.   It is to your advantage.  


    Students will be tested after each unit of material is completed.  The tests will be announced ahead of time and posted so that students will have adequate time to prepare.  Preparation throughout each unit is strongly advised.  Many tests will be taken using a Chromebook. 


    It is crucial that students attend all classes.  This is a semester class, and we will cover a lot of material in a class period.  If a student is not in class he or she will fall behind.  It is also the responsibility of the student to make up all work that was missed during an absence.  Let me know that you were absent so make-up assignments can be arranged.  

    Google Classroom will be utilized in this course.  


    Students will need a Chromebook, pen, pencil, paper, and a three-ring binder.  Students will also be strongly encouraged to be aware of newsworthy and current events related to the government and the economy.  In addition, students to be mindful of the local, national, and international events that impact their daily lives.  

    Grading:  Formative Assessments 40%        Summative Assessments 60%



      I. Introduction to American Government, Systems of Government, and Political Philosophers

      II. The United States Constitution

      III.  The Legislative Branch and Political Parties

      IV. The Executive and Judicial Branches of Government



    Let’s have an outstanding semester!


    Mr. Adam L. Harden

    Effingham County High School

    History Department



Last Modified on August 3, 2021