• From your Chromebook

    You can save and sync things like your history, bookmarks, and passwords to your Google Account. That way you'll always have them on any Chromebook and in Google Chrome on other devices where you're signed in. Learn how to sign in to Chrome.

    Great news! Syncing is automatically turned ON when you log into your chromebook by default.

    Note: Please make sure that you always log into your Chromebook with your ECSD Google Account for best results.


    For more information please visit:  https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/2914794

    The following screenshot is of a personal Chromebook. The user is logged in with their personal account information.

    Personal Chromebook


    1. Chrome Settings  ( chrome://settings  )
    2. Navigate to the 'You and Google' section
    3. This will show the account your are logged in with (in this page it is a personal account, note the ____@gmail.com)
    4. Click on 'Sync and Google services' to see which items are beting synced
Last Modified on August 30, 2020