• ECMS has a full time RN, Shanna Loper, who provides emergency and non-emergency care to students and staff as needed. She also dispenses prescription and non-prescription medications that has been provided by parents with appropriate completed paperwork. 



    Please note: Students are not allowed to bring any medication to school. This includes Tylenol, Motrin, etc. If your child will need any medication during the school day, please fill out the Effingham County Schools Medication Administration Permission form and return it to the school during Open House OR send it to school with your child to be given to his/her homeroom teachers. 



    Please check with the health department or your child's dotor to make sure he/she is up to date on all required immunizations. All immunizations are required to be upt to date within 30 days of school starting. If a child's immunization records are not up to date, he/she will be sent home until the required immunizations are completed and documentation is provided to the school nurse.



    More information about the school health services can be found on the district ECSD Health Services webpage.