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This year in art

Due to the need for limiting the amount of sharing we do, students will need to bring their pencil boxes to art class. It should include:

  1. sharpened pencil
  2. eraser
  3. scissors
  4. crayons
  5. glue stick

 In the event that a student forgets their pencil box or is missing a certain supply, there will be extra supplies available that a student may borrow to use in art that have been previously sanitized. All borrowed supplies will be returned at the end of class and sanitized by the teacher.

We will explore other art mediums, such as: pastels (oil and chalk), paint (watercolor and tempera), and clay, among others, which will be sanitized before and after each class. A majority of the mediums we will use are washable, but some can be more stubborn to remove than others; aprons will be available for students to wear when using supplies. All aprons will be sanitized after a student wears one. 

Last Modified on November 15, 2020