My Classroom Behavior Management System

  • Behavior Management in Miss Sapp’s Class

    In your child’s back to school packet you will find a packet that is labeled “PBIS” this is how we handle school wide behavior management. In that packet it will explain everything you need to know about how we handle behavior at our school. This year I am excited to say that my behavior management system in my classroom will be very similar to that of our school wide system. 


    I know many of you have heard of a clip chart in a classroom. My clip chart is not your normal clip chart. I am going to explain how it will work. On my back cabinet wall are the words used in our “PBIS” behavior system. Below is what it looks like in my classroom. 



    I need to remember to be respectful 


    I need to remember to make safe choices 


    I need to remember to be responsible 


    Each child will have their name on each word at the beginning of every day. If your child is not being responsible (I will be discussing all three of these words the first day of school so they understand each word and how to be those things) then I will ask them to move their name off of responsible and put it on “I need to remember to be responsible”. So that means their name is still on “respectful and safe” but not on responsible. Your child has every opportunity to move their name back if they do something that I see is responsible, safe or respectful depending on what they have their name moved off of the chart for. In their take home binder you will see their behavior calendar. On the calendar explains how that works. Please email me with any questions you may have. 


    Behavior Punch Cards

    My students will also be given a behavior punch card to wear on a lanyard. This punch card has numbers to be punched off when I see them doing something respectful, responsible, safe or just being a good friend. Once their whole card is punched they will get a trip to the treasure box or the candy box. This is a way to reinforce good behavior on top of the stang stars. 

Last Modified on August 1, 2020