•  Schedule:

    A-Day (Monday and Thursday)

    1st Period - 8:30 - 10:00

    3rd Period - 10:15 - 12:15

    5th Period - 1:00 - 2:30 (Planning/Office Hours)

    7th Period - 2:35 - 3:50


    B-Day (Tuesday and Friday)

    2nd Period - 8:30 - 10:00

    4th Period - 10:15 - 12:15

    6th Period - 1:00 - 2:30 (Planning/Office Hours)


    Wednesday Office Hours: 1:30 - 3:30


     Student Expectations:

    • Create a home learning work space free of distractions.
    • Receive credit in a virtual learning environment by engagement in live online lessons and completion of the assigned material.
    • Complete assignments, tests, and projects online.
    • Complete the coursework within the time frame determined by their teacher.
    • Complete assignments in a timely manner and participate in virtual classes. Failure to do so will result in failing grades that could lead to course failure and/or grade level retention.
    • Communicate with teachers regularly and ask for help when needed through email, Google Classroom or Remind.
    • Participate in remediation and tutoring as needed.
    • Log in and participate in online lessons and assignments during the school day hours (8:00 - 3:30). 
      • While the students will not be logged into their computer for the entire time/day, they will have scheduled meetings with their teacher at given times during the school day hours.
      • Check into each class daily or on the day/block when normally scheduled. This is very important. Your teacher will send you a daily check in communication. You must respond - “I am here.
      • Any live communication or recording must meet regular school expectations for content and language use. Students should also adhere to the non-uniform dress code. Be mindful of backgrounds, music, or conversations that may be inappropriate. Students should not record from areas such as the bedroom or bathroom.
      • If students cannot attend the Google Meet or Zoom classes, they are expected to check the Google Classroom and watch any recorded session of the meeting and complete the assigned work.
    • Check Google Classroom to review the posted weekly learning schedule on Sunday. Students will check Google Classroom each day for regular assignments and virtual links for live/recorded sessions.
    • Report technical issues to your teacher.
Last Modified on July 31, 2020