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Honors Biology 2021-2022

  • Dr. Marnie Dasher 



    Grading :

    Your grade will be averaged using the adopted science department grading policy. 

    • Summative Assessments (may include large projects) 60% 
    • Formative work: Classwork, Quizzes, Homework & Labs 40%.  Please note that some quizzes may be weighted heavier than classwork, homework and lab assignments.


    These percentages will be used to calculate your nine week grades.  The average of the first 2 nine weeks will determine your first semester grade.  The average of the last 2 nine weeks will determine your second semester grade.

    The above work will count as 80% of your final grade.  A Georgia state End of Course test will be given in May at the end of the course and will count as 20% of your final grade.


    Materials Required:

    1. Pencils
    2. Pens – blue or black
    3. Colored pencils, fine tip markers, or pens.  The standard 10-12 color pack is sufficient.
    4. College ruled loose leaf paper
    5. Graph paper - you WILL be drawing graphs so you will need graph paper periodically.
    6. Calculator (math calculator is fine)
    7. Multi–color highlighters (pink, yellow, blue & green)
    8. A 2” notebook or a section in a large 3-ring notebook
    9. Wired Earbuds (able to use with chromebook)
    10. Chromebook & charger - please come with chromebook charged each day. We do not have sufficient outlet  coverage for charging in class. 


    1. Hand sanitizer
    2. Planner/Agenda
    3. Glue stick
    4. Scissors
    5. Index Cards


    We may need additional materials in the future for specific activities or labs.  I will try to give as much warning as possible when additional supplies will be needed.  In addition, some students find index cards useful for studying, particularly for learning vocabulary, but these are not required.  A composition notebook may also be beneficial depending on your study style.  We will be discussing various styles of study aids & study styles so you may find that you need to incorporate a few other materials over the course. 


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Follow all school safety guidelines to limit your exposure and exposure to others as we continue to battle COVID (wear a mask, wash hands frequently, use of sanitizer, etc.).  
    2. Come prepared.  Have your notebook, appropriate writing utensils, a charged chromebook and be ready to learn.  This course is fast paced and you will need to work to keep up. 
    3. Observe all rules of the student handbook.
    4. Be on time and IN YOUR SEAT when the bell rings to avoid being marked tardy.  We have a shortened class period and a lot to cover so I will be starting with bell work daily.  You will not be given additional time for bell work to be completed in class once it is time for the lesson to begin. 
    5. Raise your hand to contribute to classroom discussion.  Do not interrupt myself or others and be respectful in your comments. 
    6. You are not permitted to leave the room once class starts. So, take care of all errands, bathroom trips, water breaks, etc…. during class changes BEFORE the tardy bell rings. 
    7. No food, drink, or gum is permitted in the classroom. Bottled water and only WATER in a CLEAR bottle with a screw top is acceptable. Fill water bottles at the water stations prior to the start of class. 
    8. Bring all supplies daily!  You need to be prepared every day. This includes a charged chromebook.
    9. Do not leave your seat or lab area without your teacher’s permission. This is of utmost importance in order to ensure everyone’s safety in the lab. 
    10. Cell phones and other electronic device use is NOT allowed in the classroom without teacher permission.  There will be times where you may need a timer or a camera and I will authorize use of the cell phone when needed.  All cell phones must be put away prior to the start of class and the ringer turned off in the caddy provided.  Any cell phone or device utilized without permission will be confiscated and sent to the front office.  This serves as your warning.  
    11. DO NOT stand at the door in expectation of the dismissal of class.  You will be directed to return to your seat and will have to stay there until you are dismissed.
    12. Respect yourself by always demonstrating behavior you can be proud of. Respect for your peers and teacher is expected. Rude and/or abusive comments/gestures are NOT acceptable and will be dealt with immediately. 
    13. Discipline infractions (depending on severity) will be dealt with by calls or emails home to parents, silent lunch, office referral, or a combination of any of the above. 

    **Refer to the school handbook for a detailed list of policies and procedures. All school handbook policies and procedures apply in the classroom. 


    Attendance Policy:

    • Students are expected to be on time each period, every day.
    • Consequences will be issued for any student that exceeds the tardy policy outlined in the student handbook. 


    Make Up Work and Late Work:  It is the student’s responsibility to request make-up work.

    Make-Up Work is defined as any assignments or tests students need to complete due to an excused absence.  Students may make up assignments for full credit by following the procedure below according to the Effingham County Make-Up Policy:

    Students have three days to make up any work missed from an absence. If a student has not turned in make-up work by day three, then refer to the late work procedures listed below.  Handouts given to students during class time can be picked up in the back of the room in the class period handout caddy.  This is located on the center back table beside the returns box.  Prolonged absences will be discussed privately with the student and/or parents when needed.

    Note that previously announced projects, tests, or quizzes that have been scheduled BEFORE a student is absent MUST be made up or turned in the day the student returns to school if new material has not been covered during their absence.

    Late Work is defined as any work completed and turned in after the designated due date.  I am aware that technology is not always our friend, and that sometimes a link is broken, a website is down, or you may have wifi issues.   In the event you have a technological issue and are unable to complete a digital homework assignment you must email, send a Schoology or Remind message, or contact me directly AT THE TIME of the technology issue in order to avoid a late penalty.  Repeated issues will be examined carefully.  If you do not report the issue in a timely manner a late penalty will be imposed. 

    ECCA STEM will follow the following procedures for late work:
    Students may have three days from the designated due date to turn in work for a penalized grade.  Once work has already been reviewed in class no additional late work will be accepted. 

    1 day late = a deduction of 11 points off of the earned grade
    2 days late = a deduction of 22 points off of the earned grade
    3 days late = a deduction of 33 points off of the earned grade
    After 3 days = a grade of “0” in the grade book.  No late work will be accepted after day three.

    Homework that has already been reviewed in class or has an answer key posted online will NOT be accepted.  In the event that you remit work after the due date please be aware that it will not be graded immediately, but will be graded and corrections entered into Infinite Campus as I am able to return to that assignment at a later date. 


    Laboratory and Lab work: 

    This course will contain lab work that will count in the formative work (classwork, labs, homework, etc - tests are in the summative percentage of the grade) percentage of your grade. Some labs may be done as demonstrations, others may be done as a group, some independently, or you may have a virtual lab assignment.  When lab reports are assigned each student is expected to turn in their own report unless otherwise directed.  You are expected to conduct yourself in a proper manner as detailed in the safety contract.  Anyone who does not take lab seriously or engages in behavior that is distracting or dangerous for other students will be removed from the lab setting. Depending on the severity students may receive a zero grade or given an alternative assignment.  If the student chooses not to complete the alternative assignment, a grade of zero will be recorded.  Pre-lab assignments will count as a portion of the lab grade and are required for lab participation & grading.  Failure to complete this work will result in the student being unable to participate in the lab as they are unprepared.  Student safety in the lab is very important, and if students are engaging in disruptive behavior, they are taking away from the learning of all students in the classroom.  


    Technology & Testing:

    In the event that the student is using a personal laptop computer or chromebook that cannot be monitored with our in house security system (GoGuardian) they will be given a loaner chromebook or paper quiz/test to complete.


    Schoology and Textbooks:

    This course will utilize The textbook Biology by Miller & Levine, electronic textbooks and the resource hub “Schoology”.  This course will utilize “Schoology” which will allow students to access additional resources and submit work through their Chromebooks. Parents:  If you would like to become more familiar with Schoology please visit: http://bit.ly/schoologyStudent 

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