• Google Classroom


    Initially, your student will join his/her Google Classroom during regular class time at school. Ms. Burns and I will both post all work for your student in one classroom. There is no need for your student to join both "homerooms."


    Your student should check the "stream" tab for classroom announcements. Your student should check the "classwork" tab for any work that has been assigned. If at any time during the school year we have to go to virtual learning due to school closure, make sure your student is checking his/her Google email daily. 


    Students have been using Google Classroom here at Marlow. However, if they have forgotten the login or are new to Google Classroom, the login information is below. Contact your teacher with any questions. 

    Student User Name: 





    In your binder you should have a Google Classroom Cheat Sheet. If you lose your cheat sheet, follow these directions to find it in Google Classroom:

    1. Go to Google Classroom

    2. Click on the "Classwork" tab at the top

    3. Under the "Classroom Materials" section, click Google Classroom Cheat Sheet




    Google Meet with Ms. Burns/Mrs. Dudley

    Google Meet Expectations

Last Modified on July 30, 2020