• Athlete Expectations

    The Effingham County Board of Education has adopted a set of guidelines and expectations for ALL Middle School Athletes to abide by. To participate in Middle School Athletics, all athletes must sign an Athletic Contract. 

    Student-athletes that participate in sports at SEMS are to take pride in their team and school at all times. The following are guidelines that the school administration and coaches believe every student-athlete should follow: 

    • Respect teammates, coaches and adults at all times 
    • Maintain high moral standards at all times 
    • Display good sportsmanship at all times 
    • Remain academically eligible 
    • Allow the coaches to coach, players to play and officials to officiate 
    • In order to attend practice or game, you are to be present at school the day of the event (or on Friday if the event is on a weekend) 
    • Participate in fundraisers for the team 
    • Return school equipment and clean uniforms in good condition immediately after the season is completed
Last Modified on February 5, 2021