• Examples of Interdisciplinary Projects: (Our brainstorm)

    • Biology, healthcare, research, and ELA work together to test the effectiveness of intermittent fasting
    • Engineering, physics, and information technology work together on the “physics of baseball”; they share their work with coaches
    • Culinary works with ELA to develop a cookbook
    • Use Unity Engine to re-create a scene from Hamlet, or historically accurate Battle of the Bulge, or how the caveolae admit nutrients through the cell wall, or . . .
    • Automotive works with broadcast video production at a base school to produce a how-to video on changing brake pads
    • Physics, engineering, and US or World History work together on building a trebuchet (could also be Pumpkin Chunkin’ contest)
    • Research 1 and World History/AP HUG develop a GIS project
    • Chemistry, Biomed, and Govt work on a murder case to present at Mock Trial


    Examples of Single Subject Projects: 

    • Chemistry:  Relate solubility of precipitates to water quality and treatment
    • Economics:  Design a dorm space on a budget
    • ELA:  Use StoryCorps ( www.storycorps.org ) to record oral histories and practice interviewing skills
    • Geometry:  Using fractals to determine the length of the coastline 
Last Modified on March 5, 2020