• Crossroads Academy




    1. School begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:30.  Transfer bus to ECHS/ECMS and EMS will leave at 3:15.  Car riders will leave at 3:30.  SEHS/SEMS will leave at 3:35.


    1. Students will attend Monday through Thursday only having each Friday off. We encourage each student to continue working in their classes on Fridays and weekends.


    As we move forward, Friday mornings from 8:30 to 12:00 will become available for those students who are working towards Move on When Ready success.  We will also use Friday as an opportunity for some students to make up lost instruction.  Bus transportation and lunch will not operate on Fridays.


    1. Dress Code

    Students will follow the Effingham County Board of Education Uniform policy and wear the general colors of the system and/or their specific school color polo or school designated t-shirt.  Crossroads staff have the final decision if an outfit does not meet the standard.  Students will have shirts tucked in at all times, and clothes are worn appropriately.  No visible tattoos.  Students and parents should refer to the student handbook for Dress Code.  Jackets must meet the ECSD dress code.


    1. Students who are 16 years old and possess a valid Georgia Driver’s license and have not had their driving privileges revoked may drive to Crossroads Academy. They may not transport other students to or from the facility.  Students will register just as they would at their home school, but at no cost.  All rules and regulations with respect to parking on campus will apply.  Students and parents will complete a registration form and student drivers will receive a placard to place on their dashboard while at school.  Once you return to your home school, you will complete a registration form with them and pay any parking registration fees.


    1. Lunch
      1. Students may bring their lunch to school, but it will be inspected before entering the facility. Soft drinks and/or water must be in an original and unopened container when entering. 
      2. A Coca-Cola vending machine will be made available at lunch. Opened containers from outside will not be allowed.
      3. As we move forward, basic snacks may be made available to purchase. This will not be in place the first few weeks of school.
      4. If buying school lunch, students must have money on their student account. Parents should register on-line to add money to their student’s account before school begins.  Additionally, Food Services are encouraging all parents to complete a meal benefit application.
      5. We will take lunch orders at the beginning of the day. Once the orders are submitted, they are final.  No changing later in the morning or when the food arrives to our campus.


    1. Medication
      1. If your student is required to have medication dispensed or just to have in case of emergencies, you will need to personally bring the medication in and complete a medication form with staff. Do not send students to school with the medication.  This includes basic over the counter medication such as Tylenol, Advil, etc.  We will establish a medicine cabinet similar to their home school for dispensing medication and basic first aid items.


    1. What type of school supplies should students bring?

    Nothing at first.  We are providing their initial start.  Students should arrive properly dressed with nothing more than the uniforms they are wearing, and/or lunch from home if they are bringing lunch from home.  Depending upon assignments, students may need to bring supplies from school and this will be coordinated with staff.


    1. Students are searched every day before entering the building. This standard has been in place for many years and will continue.  Additionally, School Resource Officers and other members of our law enforcement community will make routine school safety checks on our campus.


    1. NO CELL PHONES or Electronic Devices allowed in class
      1. Phones brought to school will be kept by staff till the end of the day
      2. We have phones if an emergency arises and a student needs to call home.
      3. For our car riders, leave the phone in your vehicle.
      4. No iPads, pagers, tablets, SMART WATCHES, etc.
      5. Anything deemed inappropriate will be taken by Crossroads personnel and given back to parent.


    1. Our Crossroads staff looks forward to working with your student. Our expectations are high and the school work is demanding.  Our goal is to help them refocus and be successful in school and eventually as young adults.


    1. Students who fail to comply with directions by staff may be referred to the Sheriff’s Office.
Last Modified on February 8, 2020