• Crossroads Academy


    The mission of Crossroads Academy is to provide a structured and supportive alternative school environment which holds high academic and behavior standards and fosters excellence in all students, staff, and community members.  It is our belief all students have the capacity to be productive members of society by obtaining their high school diploma and developing a foundation for post-secondary success.  We are committed to creating an environment for positive change which allows for exploration and growth to achieve individual success as young adults.



    The vision for Crossroads Academy is to develop a program to address two separate needs for our school system.

    1. Provide a structured environment to aid those students assigned to the academy due to poor behavior choices exhibited while attending their home schools in order to help them develop into successful students and community members who contribute in a positive manner to the overall success of our school system and community as a whole.
    2. Provide a non-traditional educational environment to those students struggling academically in our school system. This path will provide students who volunteer to attend this success program to earn their high school diploma and a career pathway via the Effingham Career Academy and Savannah Vocational College.  This path will provide our students with competitive skills for today’s industry.


    It is our goal using a two-path approach to reach as many students as possible to achieve academic and behavior success.  All too often, students assigned or who volunteer for placement in an alternative setting feel as if they are outcasts from the regular student environment.  Our standards are strict and expectations are high.  They have to be in order to help guide our students to achieve levels of success we as teachers, their parents, the community at large, but most importantly as individual students wish to achieve.  The first step towards a more successful school experience begins with the individual student, but it will take all stakeholders to lead, guide, and eventually achieve the success needed to be productive citizens in our society.

Last Modified on February 8, 2020