• General Provisions

    A letter is an athletic award that represents consistent participation and performance throughout the season of the sport. Other, special athletic awards may be presented to those teams and individuals who demonstrate outstanding performance at a conference, sectional, regional, or state tournament level as demonstrated by the athletic director at each school. 

    Authority to present athletic letters

    The head coach shall recommend the members of his/her team who have met the requirements to earn an athletic letter. These recommendations must be approved by the athletics director.

    The head coach must provide written documentation, along with their recommendations, to the athletics director. The documentation verifies that every student athlete meets the qualification set forth in this policy.

    Criteria to earn an athletic letter

    The student athlete qualifies for an athletic letter on the basis of his/her participation in a varsity level sport.

    The student athlete shall attend all practices and games associated with their sport. Student athletes must complete the season as a team member in good standings.

    A student athletes represents his/her school and community and shall conduct themselves in such a manner that positively represents his/her school and community. Failure to display appropriate sportsmanship of his/her school and community.

    A student athlete must participate in a minimum of 50% (increases based on sport) of all opportunities to compete at the varsity level, measured by the rules of that sport.

    Sport specific requirements

    • Football 
      • Must be a senior
      • Complete three years of football for SEHS
      • Play in 60% of varsity quarters for the season
    • Competition cheer 
      • Must participate in 100% of games, practices, and competitions
    • Track
      • Must score 10 points for the team as a varsity member
    • Cross Country 
      • Must place top 7 for the team.
    • Golf
      • Compete in 51%or more of the matches (top 6 for boys and top 4 for girls)
Last Modified on January 8, 2020