• Attention Parents

    • The school is not responsible for providing for the general medical care of students nor is it responsible for providing medications for students.  Those are the responsibilities of the parents, guardians, and their regular health care providers.  However, I will normally be present during regular school hours to administer medications that have been prescribed for students with special medical needs and to assist in medical emergencies.

    • In order to assist in meeting those students' medical needs during normal school hours, it is essential that the parents or guardians of each student promptly advise me of any medical condition of the student which might reasonably require my services.

    • Please keep the clinic updated with home and work phone numbers.

    • Parents or an adult must deliver all medications to the school along with the signed medication form available from the school nurse.

    • Medication must be in the original container and not expired.

    • Students are allowed to carry and administer inhalers and epipens to themselves provided a parent, or legal guardian of the student has returned the proper permission form (permission to carry form found under medical forms) to the school with a signed, written authorization signed by prescribing physician for the self-administration of medication.


    As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Last Modified on September 23, 2021