• WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS are posted in GoogleClassroom. 

    Look for the newspaper emoji icon.

    Daily homework:

    • Charge Chromebook every afternoon and return to bookbag before bed each night.
    • Check GoogleClassroom for homework assignments.
    • Read a book for enjoyment!



    https://hosted186.renlearn.com/55805/  <---- use this link to log into AR


    • Do work hard towards meeting your AR goal and building your independent reading strength & stamina.
    • Read for at least 5-10 minutes everyday.
    • DO NOT change password!
    • DO NOT take a test after one reading of a book.
    • Read a book 3 times before you test on it, just like we do at school.
    • Is your book nonfiction?  You probably want to read it 4-5 times, there are lots of facts & information in nonfiction books to remember.  Additional readings will be helpful before you take the test!
    • Record your book(s): write the title and the score once you take the test (at school we do this in our library folders).
    • Chapter books may be test books, but at this time we are not ready for testing on chapter books.  As of January 2021-we are not testing on chapter books.  
    • Some books read on EPIC! are also test books.


    • Mrs. Campbell, how do we log in?

                         username _ _ _ _ _

                                        students #

                         password   _ _ _ _ _

                                         students #




     username 12345

     password 12345


    • Did we do a bad job if we made an 80%?

            NO!  Not at all...an 80% is a great indication that your child understood what they were reading, but did have to use their brain to think and/or work to understand what they   were reading.  Mrs. Campbell will never be disapointed with scores of 80%.


    • Are we doing something wrong, my other child logs into AR differently than your directions?

            No, you are not.  I changed the default usernames and passwords to something I thought was more user friendly for 1st graders to start using the AR program.


    • Should I read the test to my child?

            No, but could you help them with a word here or there...yes.  If they read the book on their own, they should take the test on their own.


    • Can they listen to the questions if it has the option for them to have the test read to them?

            Yes, I am ok with them using this option when it is available.  I just don't want them to rely on it always being read to them.

Last Modified on March 17, 2021