Ms Rogers  Email: srogers@effingham.k12.ga.us

    Room #210

    Class periods: 3rd, 5th

    Tutoring:Tuesday afternoons, 3:50-4:50, and daily during instuctional focus

    Online assistance: Khanacademy.com, PurpleMath.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Course Description:

    Foundations of Algebra will provide many opportunities to revisit and expand the understanding of foundational algebra concepts, will employ diagnostic means to offer focused interventions, and will incorporate varied instructional strategies to prepare students for required high school courses. The course will emphasize both algebra and numeracy in a variety of contexts including number sense, proportional reasoning, quantitative reasoning with functions, and solving equations and inequalities.


    Grading Policy:

         As per district policy, each 9 week grade will be calculated with the following weights given to each category: 

    Tests                                                                                                    60%

    Classwork (to include quizzes, notes, class participation)                  40%

    Final grades are calculated as follows: 1st semester (50%) + 2nd semester (50%) = Final grade.


    Required Materials:

    • 3-ring binder or spiral notebook
    • Paper                         
    • Pencils and Erasers
    • Ruler
    • Highlighter
    • Calculator for home/classroom use (Texas Instruments TI-30XS is recommended.)


    1. Students may rent or purchase a calculator.  Although it is not necessary to purchase the exact same calculator that is used in class, some students prefer the consistency of using the same calculator at home.  The one we use in class is the Texas Instruments TI-30XS


    1. All students are expected to follow school rules as outlined in the student handbook and are expected to come prepared to class, including all necessary supplies and homework.


    1. Please note that good attendance and completion of daily assignments are keys to being successful. Performance on assessments is affected by the amount of time students spend practicing concepts, so every effort should be made to complete all assignments in a timely manner. 


    1. Students will be expected to follow the SEHS “Make-Up Work and Late Work Procedure” for all missed assignments. Obtaining make up work is the responsibility of the student. 


    1. Should a student need assistance, tutoring arrangements can be made after school on Tuesdays.


    1. I do provide extra credit opportunities on occasion. Students should take advantage of those opportunities when they arise.  Students should not approach me for extra credit.
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