• Plans are tentative and subject to change based on the needs of the students in class.  For a full look at the resources available to your student, please his/her Google classroom.

    Week of 8/26/19

    1st Period:

    • Monday - review of subtraction
    • Tuesday - subtracting with number lines
    • Wednesday - Addition and Subtraction test
    • Thursday - Absolute value review
    • Friday - Applications with Integer operations 

    2nd, 5th, 6th:

    • Monday - Applications with Integers
    • Tuesday - Absolute Value
    • Wednesday - Debits and Credits
    • Thursday - Terminating vs. Repeating Decimals
    • Friday - Study Guide in Class for County Unit Assessment


    Week of 8/19/19 

    1st Period:

    • Monday:  Subtracting Integers with models
    • Tuesday:  Subtracting Integers with Rules 
    • Wednesday: More Subtracting with Rules
    • Thursday:  Review 
    • Friday:  Test over Addition and Subtraction (test was moved to Wednesday of next week)

    2nd, 5th, 6th Periods

    • Monday: Subtracting with rules
    • Tuesday: Subtracting with Rules
    • Wednesday: Review of key words, comparing/ordering, absolute value; begin applications
    • Thursday:  Applications with Addition and Subtraction.
    • Friday: Test over addition, subtraction, application problems.

    Week of 8/12/19

    • Monday - Adding Integers with Counters and Number Lines 
    • Tuesday - Adding Integers with Number Lines  (Homework assigned)
    • Wednesday - Adding Integers with Rules (Homework due)
    • Thursday - Review
    • Friday - Test