Weeks 9 & 10: March 2- 13
    Weeks 9 & 10 are going to be spent playing fitness games similar to week 4. The options that the students will have to choose from each and everyday include: wall-ball, scooter relay races, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and soccer. On Wednesday the students will be required to rotate to each station every 5 minutes, but every other day they will be able to choose which station they want to spend the class period at. This is to ensure that each student is engaging in a level of activity that will increase their heart rate, ultimatley increasing their target heart rate by the fitnessgram posttest. 
    Week 8: Feb 24- 28
    Week #8 is Ultimate Ball week! Monday we will spend a good chunk of the period making sure everyone understands the rules and then hopefully participate in some gameplay (modified to begin) the rest of the week. Ultimate ball is exactly like ultimate frisbee except with a football instead of a frisbee. This way more students can get involved in the progression of the ball down the field instead of just a few if we used a frisbee. Ultimately, this is also going to increase activity time which will result in an increased heart rate which will hopefully lead to a better score on the pacer post-test. 
    • Students will learn the rules of ultimate frisbee/ball
    • Students will learn how to properly throw and catch a football
    • Students will demonstrate their knowledge and skills of ultimate ball via gameplay
    • Students will off encouraging words/actions to their teammates along with their opponents. 
     Week 7: Feb 17- 21
    This week we are playing whiffle ball. We are going to play real baseball/softball rules except with a whiffle ball and maybe a tennis ball the last day of the unit. Though the students will be doing more standing around (waiting in line, standing in the outfield) than I'd like, I want my students to learn the rules of baseball/softball so that those sports can be an option when they are deciding what rec sports to sign up for, intramurals to play, or just what to do when my friends come over this weekend. This past week I discovered that about 30% of my students do not know how to play baseball/softball, so the first day of the unit will be spent going over the rules. When I believe that the students have an understanding for the rules we will move on to gameplay. This will cater to the kinesthetic learners along with the visual and auditory because we will pause and discuss each at bat to begin with. Then, hopefully, the final two days will be spent just simply playing without pauses. 
    • Students will learn the rules of baseball/softball so that they can play with their friends in the culdesac or at the rec department
    • Students will learn how to properly hold the bat and where to stand in the batter's box
    • Students will learn how to field a ground ball along with a pop fly
    • Students will offer encouragement to their teammates along with those on the other team
    • Students will demonstrate good sportsmanship along with teamwork.
    Weeks 5 & 6: Feb 3- 14
    Weeks 5 & 6 will both be spent playing kickball. Days one and two will be spent going over the rules along with practicing the motor skills needed to kick and catch a kickball. The rest of the unit will consist of gameplay in order to put the student's cognitive (knowledge of the rules) and affective (teamwork/ sportsmanship) ability to the test along with their motor skills.
    The version of kickball that we will be engaging in is modified so that everyone gets to be a base runner whether their kick was caught or not. This way every student will experience an increase in heart rate, muscular endurance, and ultimately an increase in their pacer (fitnessgram) post-test score.
    • Students will learn the history and basic rules of kickball.
    • Students will learn how to properly kick a ball when striving for maximum distance.
    • Students will learn how to catch a kickball both in the air and when it's rolling at them.
    • Students will encourage their teammates along with their opponents.
    • Students will learn and demonstrate proper base running techniques. 
    Week 4: Jan 27- 31

    We will perform different forms of fitness games while trying to reach different goal levels.  The students will acquire this by competing in capture the flag, flag tag, spider ball, sharks and minnows, castle ball and other small game activities while working on agility, endurance, strength and overall total fitness. 

    We will perform different recreational games during PE.  The students will enjoy relay races during warmups that will get their target heart rate up.  They will maneuver with their groups to perform different fitness related goals by working together to achieve those goals.  

    Week 3: Jan 21-24

    1.  The students will learn the History of Volleyball and how and where it came about.  They will also learn the basic rules of volleyball to be able to successfully compete in a game.   

    2.  We will learn to do an overhead pass (set) and an underhand pass (bump) with individaul group assignments.  The students will practice with partners until they feel comfortable with these skills.

    3.  We will learn to serve the ball over the net by using the underhand and overhand serve. 

    4.  The students will learn the rotation and scoring process of the game. 

    5.  We will put all the above Volleyball skills and knowlege in to play while keeping score in an actual game. 

    6.  At the end of this unit, the students will be able to play volleyball at camp, picnics, in the back yard or at the beach more efficiently then previoulsy.

    7.  We will test on our Volleyball Unit Friday Aug. 28th.


    Week 2: Jan 13- 17

    This week in Physical Education we will do a pre-assessment of the Fitness Gram. This allows us to see the growth each student will make from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester.  We work on these skills every day throughout the semester and this is our way for the students to measure their own progress with personal fitness.

    1.  I will have my weight and height taken.

    2.  I will see how many pushups I can do consecutively.
    3.  I will see how many curl ups I can do consecutively. (max is 80)
    4.  I will run the pacer test which is a 20m endurance test where I complete as many laps as I can.
    All of the assessment scores will be recorded and compared to the Final Assessment of the Fitness Gram at the end of the Semester in late Nov. or early Dec.
    WEEK 1: Jan 6- 10
    1.  I Will learn the Ebenezer Middle School PBIS SOAR rules and policies.
    2.  I will acknowledge & apply the Ebenezer Middle School PBIS SOAR rules and policies as part of my daily learning enviornment. 
    3.  I will learn the Ebenezer Middle School Syllabus
    4.  I will acknowledge & apply the Ebenezer Middle School syllabus as part of my dailey learning enviornment.