• Academic Vocabulary Toolkit

    The purpose of Academic Vocabulary Toolkit is to help with mastering high-use words for academic achievement, expand understanding of new words, and prepare english Learners to become better writers and communicators.


    Academic Unit - Analyze Infromational Text

    Words Taught - important, topic, detail, information, fact, example


    Vocabulary Terms


    important (adj)- something that is great or that you should pay attention to

    synonym - necessary

    antonym - unimportant

    topic (n) - a thing that you talk, write, or read about

    synonym - subject

    detail (n) - a piece of information about something

    synonyms - piece;part

    information (n) - details about something or someone

    synonym - news

    fact (n) - information that is true

    adjective - factual

    example (n) - an idea that you use to show what you mean when talking or writing


    Grammar Tips

    An adverb that tells how many times something happens can go before or after a verb. The adverbs always, usually, sometimes, often, and never can go before or after a verb.


    A past-tense verb describes an action that already happened. To write past tense, add -ed to the end of the verb.