• Student of the Month

    Student of the Month is a new way we are highlighting our amazing students at Guyton Elementary School. Each month, a character trait will be taught to our students. Throughout the month, teachers will be watching for the student from each class who exemplifies the character trait. The Student of the Month winner will be awarded and celebrated at the end of each month!

    Student of the Month


    Pre-K Student of the Month

    Left to Right: Easton S., Emma J., Liam C. 


    Kindergarten Student of the Month

    Left to Right: Cornelius H., Lucas T., Hadley D., Macie T. 

    Not Pictured: Christopher D. 

    1st Grade

    1st Grade Student of the Month

    Top: Nick S., Bryce G., Jackson S.

    Bottom: Aubree B., Raivyn W.

    2nd Grade

    2nd Grade Student of the Month

    Top: Shane E., Ryan S., Delaney L.

    Bottom: Charity G., Cody C.

    3rd Grade

    3rd Grade Student of the Month

    Top: Bailey M., Tristin J., Aiden M.

    Bottom: Riley U., Fallon C.

    4th Grade

    4th Grade Student of the Month

    Top: Vivian Z., Hunter T., Lyla C.

    Bottom: Abigail C., Roxanne G.

    5th Grade

    5th Grade Student of the Month

    Left to Right: Helen M., Kyle T., Deagan D.

    Not Pictured: Abigail W., Jeremy G.

    We celebrated this month with an ice cream party!

    Younger Grades Ice Cream Party       Older Grade's Ice Cream Party

    September's character trait is self control  which means someone's control over his or her own actions. We are looking for staff and students who exemplify this character trait in all that they do.

    We will be watching to see who is showing self control!