• LexiaCore 5


    Lexia Reading Core5 is a technology-based instructional program that provides students the explicit instruction needed to accelerate mastery of reading skills. Activities within the program provide a personalized, systematic approach to reading instruction that adapts each task based on individual student performance. It provides a three-step instructional model to provide scaffolding, immediate corrective feedback, and direct instruction as needed.  If needed, students can hear instruction in their native language and corresponding student reports are avaliable in the families desired language (if available).  


    Support for ESOL Students


    • Learn key comprehension strategies for listening and reading
    • Develop phonological awarness and phonics skills that are intergrated with oral language development
    • Picture-based activities to build concrete and abstract vocabulary 


    • Develop sophisticated vocabulary and strong academic language
    • Read challenging narrative and expository texts to develop advanced comprehension strategies
    • Learn figurative language and word concepts such as idioms, similes, and metaphors
Last Modified on August 22, 2018