• Distance Learning - April 20-24

    Mankiw Chapter 10 Externalities - AP Practice Questions MC and FRQs pages 209-209B

    Mankiw Chapter 11 - Public Goods and Common Resources - AP Practice Questions MC and FRQs pages 225A-225B


    Provide me proof that you have watched one of the AP College Board AP Test Prep webinars that I previously forwarded you the information for.


    Distance Learning - April 13-17


    Mankiw Chapter 6 Supply Demand and Government Policies - AP Practice Questions MC and FRQs pages 130-130B


    Mankiw Chapter 18 - Markets for the Factors of Production - AP Practice Questions MC and FRQs pages 381A-381B





    Unit 5 - Resource Market

    Packet is due Wednesday, Feb 20 and Exam is Friday, Feb 22.

    Summary PowerPoint       Unit Summary

    Unit 4 - Imperfect Competition

    Readings from Mankiw Chapter 15.

    Test on Monopolies on Wednesday, Dec 18.   We will have a Unit test over all imperfect competition markets in January.


    Summary PowerPoint - monopolies

    Unit Summary - use to complete packet and prepare for Friday's test.


    Unit 3 - Costs of Production and Perfect Competition

    Costs of Production - Mankiw Text Chapter 13

    Perfect Competition - Mankiw Text Chapter 14

    Please remember that you are responsible for the information in the textbook.  As you complete your reading, bring questions to the classroom for clarification.

    Unit 3 exam - 

    Unit 2 - Supply, Demand and Consumer Choice (4 week Unit)

    PS2 - Use Chapters 4,5 & 6 in Mankiw to accelerate learning on this.

    Terminology Test on Wednesday, Sept 25.  


    Unit 1 - Fundamentals

    Problem Set 1 - due Friday, August 30.  

    Unit 1 Exam - Wednesday, September 4

    Unit 1 Notes