January 11-15:  Finishing Imperfect Competition and Problem Set #4

    Monday - Characteristics of Oligopolies & Game Theory

    Tuesday - Graphing Oligopolies

    Wednesday - FRQ Practice

    Thursday - finalizing PS4 with collaborative partners

    Friday - Whole class grading and submission of PS4


    January 5-8:  Monopolistic Competition and Oligopolies

    Tuesday - Characteristics of Monopolistic Competition

    Wednesday - Characteristics of Monopolistic Competition Review Questions and graphing Monopolistic Competition

    Thursday - Characteristics of Oligopolies

    Friday - Graphing Oligopolies and work on PS4

    December 14-18:  End of 9 Weeks Review

    Monday - make up work day

    Tuesday - whole class review of monopolies

    Wednesday - work on PS4

    Thursday - graphing circles for costs of production, perfect competition and monopolies

    Friday - Commit to the E incentive Day


    December 7-11:  Monopolies 

    Monday - Monopolies and price discrimination - notes

    Tuesday - Students work with cooperative learning partners on Problem Set #4

    Wednesday - Students complete practice multiple choice questions to review for monopoly exam

    Thursday - Kahoot Review Game

    Friday - Monopoly Exam

     November 30-December 4 - Monopolies

    Monday - notes on the characteristics of monopolies.  Graphing the demand and marginal revenue curves.

    Tuesday - monopoly graph analysis - determining TR, TC, profit maximization, profit and loss.

    Wednesday - monopolies and efficiency.  Notes and graphing

    Thursday - regulating monopolies - notes.  Review vocabulary terms for tomorrow's test.

    Friday - Vocabulary test.


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