Way Cool Stuff

    Welcome to 8th grade Honors Physical Science (2nd & 3rd period) and 8th grade Physical Science (4th & 5th period)

    Teaching Schedule:
    8:00 - 8:25          Homeroom
    8:25 - 9:00          Genius Hour
    9:01 - 10:06        2nd period (Adv Science)
    10:07 - 11:12      3rd period (Adv Science)
    11:13 - 12:48      4th period
          (11:36 - 12:01 - Lunch)
    12:49 - 1:54        5th period
    1:55 - 2:45          6th period
    2:46 - 3:38          7th period
    3:41                    Car rider dismissal
    Supplies list for all classes:  
    Composition Notebook (100 pages) regular lined pages
    Rubber Cement
    Colored Pencils 
     Please make sure that your student STUDIES EACH NIGHT!!!!!  DO NOT wait until the night before the test to study!!!!!!
    Please make sure to bring your rubber cement to school.  It has to be left in the classroom.
    Your student MUST have a composition notebook for science class.  Your science notebook is to come to class with you EVERY day.  We will have periodic notebook quizzes and checks.  Your notebook is going to be VITAL to class this year.