• Learning Targets

    8th grade Mathematics



    IMPORTANT:  Not every homework assignment is taken for a grade.  There will be a minimum of 3 graded homework assignments every nine weeks, but possibly more.  Sometimes students will know ahead of time if an assignment is graded, but most of the time they will not know.  There will be no more than 10 homework problems assigned.  If your child fails to finish classwork (that isn't graded), then it will need to be finished at home in addition to homework.  On most homework assignments, a late grade opportunity is provided.  This means students can turn in the assignment the next morning DURING HOMEROOM for a maximum 70% credit.  After homeroom that opportunity has passed.  Due to time constraints, we may have to review and go over all the answers to the homework in class the day it is due which means the late grade opportunity cannot be provided. 




    Week of September 23, 2019

    Monday - iLearn

    Tuesday -  study guide 

    Wednesday - ustudy guide continued

    Thursday - unit 2 enrichment activities

    Friday - Unit 2 test

    Week of September 16, 2019

    Monday - iLearn

    Tuesday -  non-proportional relationships 

    Wednesday - equations & graphs 

    Thursday - multiple representations 

    Friday - comparing linear relationships

    Week of September 9, 2019

    Monday - iLearn

    Tuesday -  slope and similar triangles

    Wednesday - slope formula

    Thursday - practice slope on a graph and slope formula

    Friday - proportional relationships

    Week of September 3, 2019 

    Monday - Holiday - No school

    Tuesday -  Set up IMN book for Unit 2; lesson: Slope

    Wednesday - School Cancelled (weather day)

    Thursday - School Cancelled (weather day)

    Friday - continue practicing equations with special cases (hands-on, group activity)


    Week of August 26, 2019 

    Monday - CSI - Solving  Equations/Review for test

    Tuesday -  Review for County Interim Assessment 1

    Wednesday - TEST - County Interim Assessment 1

    Thursday - iLearn testing on chromebook & make up county interim assessment 1

    Friday - Set up IMN Chapter 2 - Proportional Relationships

    Week of August 19, 2019

    Monday - Equations with variables on both sides - One solution

    Tuesday -  Equations with variables on both sides - Infinite and no solution

    Wednesday - Equations with variables on both sides - Infinite and no solution

    Thursday - REal World equations with variables on both sides

    Friday - Book of solving equations activity

    Week of August 12, 2019

    Monday - Simplifying Linear Expressions/Evaluating Expressions

    Tuesday -  Quiz Simplifying Linear Expressions

    Wednesday - One and Two step equations with one variable

    Thursday - Solving Multi-step Linear Equations (combine like terms)

    Friday - Continue practicing equation standards from 7th grade prior to starting 8th grade Multi-step equations with variables on both sides