• Week of December December 16, 2019:

    1st Period


    Monday: Percent Applications

    Tuesday: Test Review

    Wednesday: Unit 3 (CIA 4) Test

    Thursday: Multi-Grade Diagnostic Assessment (for teaching purposes only)

    Friday: Coordinate Graphing Winter Fun



    Monday:Test Review

    Tuesday: Unit 3 (CIA 4) Test 

    Wednesday: Origami Stars

    Thursday: Holiday Fun

    Friday: Coordinate Graphing Winter Fun


    Week of December December 9, 2019:

    1st Period


    Monday: Proportions

    Tuesday: Direct Variation

    Wednesday: Direct Variation

    Thursday: Percentage Applications

    Friday: Percentage Applications



    Monday: Direct Variation

    Tuesday: Multi-Grade Diagnostic Assessment (ungraded for teaching purposes only)

    Wednesday: Percentage Applications

    Thursday: Percentage Applications

    Friday: Test Review


    Week of December 2, 2019:

    1st Period

    Monday: Unit Rates to compare prices

    Tuesday: Notes on computing unit rates containing complex fractions

    Wednesday: Finish complex fractions; Notes on Similar Figures and Scale factor

    Thursday: IXL work; graded assignment on work from Monday-Wednesday

    Friday: Proportions



    Monday: Unit Rates to compare prices; Unit rates with complex fractions

    Tuesday: Complete Complex Fractions; Notes on Similar Figures/Scale Factor

    Wednesday: Proportion notes/practice

    Thursday: iLearn; Graded Classwork over Monday-Wednesday work

    Friday:  Direct Variation.