• Second Grade

    Levels 10 -12 


    Use your child's Core5 level as a guide and help build reading skills through these at-home activites for second grade

    1. Read long words together! If your child gets stuck, look for small word parts. For soem words, like "basket", read one syllable at a time (bas-ket). For other words, like jumping, look for the suffix (-ing) and base word (jump). 

    2. Practice asking and answering questions as you talk about your day using words like who, what, where, when, why, and how. Ask your child questions, such as, "What did you eat for lunch?" and have him/her respond in a complete sentence.

    3. Look and listen for similes (as fast as lightening) and metaphors (she is sunshine) in books or movies, on television, or in conversation. Try to use them to describe things around you. 

Last Modified on August 22, 2018