• First Grade

    Levels 6 - 9


    Use your child's Core5 level as a guide and help build reading skills through these at-home activities for first grade

    1. Practice spelling conconant-vowel-conconant (CVC) words, like lap and hat, and common sight words, like said and come, for him/her to try reading on their own.

    2. Write silly sentences together using new word patterns. Try using word families and contractions. Choose the best one(s) to act out or illustrate.

    3. Share notes with each other so that your child can practice reading and writing compound workds (pancake) and words with vowel teams (boat, treat). 

    4. Practice as you cook! Choose a recipe and read it together. Have your child write and categorize the ingredients. When you are done, have him/her tell someone else the steps to the recipe using sequence words, like, first, then, and finally. 


Last Modified on August 22, 2018