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    The purpose of Academic Vocabulary Toolkit is to help with mastering high-use words for academic achievement, expand understanding of new words, and prepare English Learners to become better writers and communicators.


    Academic UnitDescribe

    Words taught - type, behavior, physical, personality, contain, event


    Present Vocabulary Term


    Personality (n) - the type of person you are and the way you act around others

    synonym - character

      Previous Vocabulary Term

    Physical (adj) - related to what a person, animal, or object is made of or looks like 

    adverb - physically


    Behavior (n) - the way a person talks and acts, or things an animal does.

    verb - behave


    Type (n) - a group of things or people that are like each other in some way

    adjective - typical








    Present Tip

    The preposition "to" needs to be followed by a base verb. 


    Previous Grammar Tip

    Adjective - describes, or tells about, a noun. Usually an adjective goes before the noun. 


    Count Nouns - name things that can be counted. Count nouns have two forms, singular and plural. To make most count nouns plural, add "s". 












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