• US Air Force Visit:  Are you interested in meeting the Air Force Recruiter at the ECCA on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 9am?  Complete the short form below. The form will close at 4pm on March 3th.  You cannot attend without signing up in advance.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you sign up, you will be required to attend unless you notify Kate Keith 72 hours in advance.



    College and Technical School Visitation Policy

    • Seniors are allowed 2 days for college visits.  Juniors are allowed 2 days.
    • In order to be approved for a college “10-Day”, the student must meet the eligibility requirements concerning grades, absences, and discipline.
    • The student is responsible for scheduling an appointment with the college.
    • The student must come to the Counselor’s Office to complete this form PRIOR TO the planned visit.  If you do not give us notice, you will not be issued a “10-Day” and will be considered absent.
    • Upon returning to ECCA, the student must provide the Counselor’s Office with a Letter of Verification from the college he or she visited on official letterhead, including the date of the visit and the signature of a representative of the school (preferably from the Admissions Office).  If this document is not provided, no “10-Day” will be granted.
    • All visits and any exceptions to this policy are subject to administrative approval.

    Click Here for College 10-Day Approval Form

Last Modified on February 21, 2020